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Reference Data Hub

Financial Reference Data Hub for a Global Private Bank

Current State:
Leading multinational financial services corporation identified the need for a more robust reference data solution in order to enrich data content and centralize the private bank division’s security, pricing, issuer, corporate action and benchmarking data quality.

Design and implement an all-encompassing reference data hub to source data from multiple suppliers, such as Bloomberg, Moody’s and S&P, and provide end users with accurate data analysis and visualization. At the same time, the hub must be easily expandable to all types of data sources from outside providers, while interacting with internal information to deliver analytics that are relevant and accurate.

After a thorough analysis of the current state, all of the relevant components essential to an effective Reference Data environment were identified and included in an implementation strategy. The critical components consisted of:

  • Holdings List Manager that incorporated the complete position holdings list across regions and served as the driving criteria for sourcing reference data into the private bank division
  • Market data used to enhance the current product processor information for critical attributes in the private bank division
  • Decoupled sourcing of batch and intraday/real-time data from both internal and external reference data providers
  • Normalized representation of entity reference data that can be used to enrich downstream consumers
  • Services that provide entitlements driven batch access, messages and in-memory caching, as well as capture of operational statistics of the processes and datasets in one central place to facilitate support

Next Steps:
Exusia is currently engaged with the client on this and other projects. Our team has created an efficient Reference Data solution that is cost effective to scale. During the next phase, our team will focus on data history analysis, additional market data and settlement system attributes, including additional settlement platforms, and maintenance and support. This project also includes the creation of a comprehensive Data Quality Framework with Golden (cross source) Copy capabilities.

Exusia Point of Contact:
Sourabh Gupta, Senior Director

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