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Mobile Data Re-Engineering

Mobile Data Re-Engineering Project for a Global Financial Institution

Current State:
A leading international bank focused on further improvements to its main data processing platform that handles all of the firm’s business content and functional data complexity and feeds crucial reports to both external clients as well as employees of the firm. The strategy is to deliver tangible enhancements to the system to enable the company to provide its clients and employees information that is current, correct, complete, consistent and accessible via website and mobile applications.

To advance progress on the developments already made to the platform, the Exusia team was engaged to design strategic changes in order to continue improving the system’s technical mobile application performance, backend service levels and synchronization capabilities within the bank’s Operational Data Store Application ETL processes. The bank also engaged Exusia to develop new data content that will test the limits of the existing data architecture. This content includes dynamic computations and intra-day updates to position, transactional and reference data.

It was identified that a highly optimal set of data structures must be created to enable sub-second responses to inquiries required to support the firm’s portfolio and financial advisor applications. In addition to the new data structures, the current ODS application structures must remain in place to support existing downstream consumers, including the business intelligence reporting center and the high net worth client website.

Our team concentrated on, and was successful at implementing, the data structures in production and bolting on the population ETL onto the current/tactical ETL redesign. We were able to expeditiously provide the client with a superior Data Architecture and High Level ETL Design, a prototype data structure and population for the Account Financial information and an integrated prototype into tactical design that satisfied the requirements of the project. In addition, the team implemented a new tactical ETL design to improve robustness, performance and data synchronization and added new structures to support new web services.

Next Steps:
Our team remains engaged with the client on this and other projects and envisions a strategic redesign of the entire backend ETL for the platform in order to optimize every aspect of the data management process from input to output.

Exusia Point of Contact:
Rajen Patel, Partner

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