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Exusia offers a 5 step C-Level playbook to reduce risk and accelerate return on investment for digital, analytics and data engineering efforts.

Exusia specializes in providing enterprise, department focused and product level assessments in the following practice areas:
  • Digital Transformation
  • Post M&A Platform/Data Integration
  • Data Monetization
  • Platform/Application Modernization (move to distributed systems and/or cloud)
  • Self Service Data Capabilities
  • Regulatory Compliance & Data Governance
Knowing where you are heading makes it easier to get there. Similarly, knowing your current position is necessary to map out how to most efficiently get from point A to point B. Exusia has refined a proprietary, market leading, assessment methodology, IMPACTTM, that quickly and cost-effectively helps our customers figure out where they are and how to practically achieve cricial business capabilities and architecture as it pertains to Analytics and data/information management.

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Problem Statement

Over time, varying circumstances have historically pushed businesses into silo-oriented data/information management styles. For example, lines of business, concerned about their own P&L statements, have tended to focus on more tactical solutions – and not necessarily willingly. Either it was too costly or technically not feasible (or a combination of both) for organizations to take a more integrated approach to information management.

A combination of cost cutting, regulatory changes and market forces, however, are forcing businesses to reconsider this silo-based approach to data and information management and making a more cohesive approach a new business imperative. Driving factors include, amongst others, complying with major industry factors (such as GDPR, HIPAA, Self Service, Data Science, Dodd-Frank, BCBS-239... and many more) and creating up-selling and cross-selling competitive advantage to improve client experience.

How Exusia Can Help

Using a refined set of intellectual property, methods and techniques, Exusia employs a cost-effective approach to assessing where a firm is on the data/information maturity scale. Leveraging industry benchmarks as well as a proprietary scoring mechanisms, we help identify what key pain points provide the greatest opportunity for expanding revenue, reducing risk, and controlling costs. With this knowledge in hand, we help our clients identify the current state and define a specific blueprint architecture describing the constructs, resourcing and technologies needed to meet business demands and the target state business capabilities that uniquely fits our clients.

Most blueprints require a multi-phased approach balancing both tactical demands and strategic vision. Exusia's IMPACTTM methodology provides a leading approach for constructing a context-sensitive storyboard that clearly maps out how to execute on the blueprint. This execution plan includes high level project plans, resource requirements, deliverables and milestones. Equally important, it also defines a marketing and communications strategy for establishing and communicating the business case, securing funding, and maintaining business buy-in throughout the delivery process. Benefits of our services include:

  • Creation of a clear simplified architecture which fully accounts for your organizations prioritized business requirements
  • Reduced delivery risk and technology costs
  • Increased operational efficiency time to market
  • Identification of new revenue opportunities through better design, new integrated data sources and content
  • Opportunities to reduce costs through optimized off-site or off-shore delivery models
  • Faster time to market of new requirements and easier system integration

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