Senior Directors
Gary Bhattacharjee
Senior Director
Head of Analytics

Gary is an Account Delivery Senior Director and Head of the Analytics Practice at Exusia, Inc. focusing on strategic industry verticals.  Gary brings to Exusia a unique blend of technology and business leadership in the field of information management, banking and capital markets, business analytics, and technology strategy.  He has a proven track record for delivering business goals through the innovative use of data and analytics, building strong teams and partnerships with stakeholders and solution providers, implementing and engineering data platforms that optimize costs, reducing risks, and improving speed to market.
Gary began his career at IBM Australia, where he was involved in building key technology capabilities in a product, which later became known as CoreBank©.  During his tenure at CitiGroup, Gary led the effort to consolidate information across the Global Corporate Banking portfolio.  As the CTO of the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, Gary was responsible for defining the strategic architecture and managing business-IT alignment.  As the Practice Director of information management consulting at the Financial Services Division at Hewlett-Packard, Gary established a reputation for developing innovative and strategic solutions for the industry.  Most recently, Gary was the analytics and business strategy lead for the Wealth Management Division at Morgan Stanley where he pioneered the use of the “Big Data Ecosystem” for machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver on business goals.
Gary graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunications.  Gary holds a few patents, the most notable being: Management of Data via Cooperative Method and System, a wiki-based approach for managing structured data. 
He lives in a small hilly town in New Jersey, with his wife and two teenage kids.

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